Best of Jan to Mar 2023

Maybe you missed an episode. Maybe you just want to hear that really good part again. Maybe you don’t care about full episodes and just want the highlights. Whatever, this one’s for you.

Here’s the roster:
Ep 11 – California dreaming and the city of Antioch with David Kippen
Ep 12 – Fixing the system means fixing myself with Corey Vickers
Ep 13 – Helping people who escape to America with Hang Pham
Ep 14 – When Chris Bentley crashed the Hang Pham episode
Ep 16 – Why Americans should put down their phones and travel more with Betsy Barry
Ep 17 – The unrepentant global free market capitalist Dan Allford
Ep 18 – We can create our own paths with Blair and Jason Lee
Ep 19 – Be the one who gets you where you want to go with Jordan Yates
Ep 20 – Endangering our way of life with a rush to new energy with Mark LaCour
Ep 21 – What’s the right amount of government with Wes Virdell
Ep 22 – Are we getting dumber with Cully Templeton
Ep 23 – What’s happening with American youth culture with Jason Skaer

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