The Better or Worse Game: Personal Tech

The “Better or Worse” score board returns with Michael, Reishin and Delfina arguing the ups and downs of our highly tech-enables society.

Summary courtesy of SnipCast

in episode 54 of Saving the Dream, the hosts engage in a game called ‘better or worse’ to discuss the evolution of personal technology and its impact on society. They cover a wide range of topics including communication methods, social media, online shopping, GPS navigation, and the dynamics of modern dating apps. The conversation explores whether advancements in technology have improved our lives or if they’ve led to unintended negative consequences.

  • (00:00) The process of becoming a citizen involves filling out an application form, taking a civic test, and attending a ceremony.
  • (05:00) The ease of contacting people with modern technology is debated, with some arguing it has improved communication, while others believe it has led to a decline in meaningful interactions.
  • (08:57) Modern messaging is convenient for practical matters, but the increase in unwanted calls and scams has led to people ignoring unknown calls.
  • (11:01) The importance of personal control over communication channels is emphasized, allowing individuals to set boundaries and manage accessibility.
  • (16:00) Constant connectivity through devices is argued to detract from genuine human interaction, with a humorous reference to people being engrossed in their phones during an alien invasion.
  • (19:00) The abundance of information available through social media and news platforms leads to societal pressure to share personal details online.
  • (25:02) The conversation explores the implications of having access to information about public figures, including privacy violations and the impact on individuals’ lives and careers.
  • (30:23) The proliferation of information, especially through social media, can have detrimental effects on society by leading to negative behaviors.
  • (33:49) Relying heavily on GPS navigation may result in a loss of the ability to mentally map out locations and routes, impacting spatial awareness.
  • (38:26) Online shopping offers convenience and efficiency, but it may also lead to impulsive buying and increased consumerism.
  • (50:48) Dating apps have revolutionized modern dating culture, but there are concerns about their impact on social interactions and the potential for superficial connections.
  • (01:09:47) The discussion on dating apps includes the importance of natural chemistry in relationships and the challenges of meeting people in person versus through apps.
  • (01:18:04) Preferences in partners, including physical attributes, are discussed, with an emphasis on respecting individual preferences without judgment.
  • (01:20:06) The conversation touches on societal pressure to accept all body types and the importance of respecting individual attractions despite societal expectations.