ALIENS! Are they really here? Are they a menace? Don’t panic and stand strong! | Ep 43

Our second Back Porch Conspiracy edition complete with scotch, cigars and impromptu musical numbers. Spoiler: Aliens are demons. They’re in cahoots with world governments to globalize the world and unifiy the evils to create a portal to hell. Don’t take us too seriously folks. It might be the scotch talking.


00:00 Introduction
01:25 Aliens and Testimonies
04:22 Stephen Greer’s Testimony
08:54 Possibility of Alien Existence

16:22 Theoretical Possibility of Faster-than-Light Travel
20:38 Exoplanets and Probability of Advanced Civilizations
27:37 Government Cover-Up
29:59 Reasons for Government Secrecy

37:17 Shooting Down Alien Spacecraft
40:32 Government Collaboration with Aliens
44:54 Theories of Ancient Alien Interaction
52:50 Aliens as Demons and Globalization

56:06 Concealing Alien Interactions
57:08 Ryan Graves and Unusual Aircraft Behavior
01:00:32 World Powers and Alien Cahoots
01:01:37 Conquering the World Throughout History

01:04:37 Ancient Architecture and Unexplained Phenomena
01:05:17 Advancements in Technology and Globalization
01:06:17 Influence of Historical Figures
01:07:12 Movies and Real-Life Science

01:09:14 Influence of Genghis Khan on Finnish Language
01:13:17 Wars as a Means of Profit
01:15:04 Financing Both Sides of Wars
01:16:22 Aliens as Demons and Global Unification


The conversation explores the possibility of alien existence and the government’s role in covering up information about aliens. It discusses the testimonies of Stephen Greer and the theoretical possibility of faster-than-light travel.

The conversation also delves into the probability of advanced civilizations on exoplanets and the reasons behind government secrecy. It raises questions about shooting down alien spacecraft and the potential collaboration between world powers and aliens.

The conversation continues with theories about ancient alien interaction and the connection between aliens and demons in the context of globalization. The conversation explores the idea of concealing alien interactions and the possibility of world powers being in cahoots with aliens. It delves into the story of Ryan Graves and the unusual behavior of aircraft, suggesting the presence of advanced technology.

The conversation also touches on the historical desire to conquer the world and the influence of figures like Genghis Khan. It discusses ancient architecture and unexplained phenomena, as well as the relationship between movies and real-life science. The profit-making aspect of wars and the financing of both sides is also explored.

Finally, the conversation concludes with the idea that aliens are demons and their collaboration with world governments to create a portal to hell.


  • There may be a deliberate effort to conceal interactions with aliens from the public.
  • The story of Ryan Graves suggests the existence of advanced aircraft technology.
  • Throughout history, there has been a desire to conquer the world, which may have involved alien influence.
  • Ancient architecture and unexplained phenomena raise questions about our understanding of history.
  • Advancements in technology and globalization have changed the dynamics of world power.
  • Historical figures like Genghis Khan and Leonardo da Vinci may have had knowledge beyond their time.
  • Movies often explore concepts that align with real-life scientific theories.
  • The Finnish language has unique characteristics due to the influence of Genghis Khan.
  • Wars have been used as a means of profit, with international banks financing both sides.
  • The idea that aliens are demons and are collaborating with world governments to create a portal to hell is proposed.

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