Shrink the Federal Budget? It’s not hard—Watch us smash $264 billion in one magic move | Ep 47

The founders never imagined a national government anything like as big as it is today. With another shutdown looming, let’s move some stuff to the states.


00:00 Introduction and Government Compromise
01:03 The Size of the Federal Government
03:24 The Founders’ Intentions and Federalism
04:24 The Evolution of the United States

06:46 The Role of the Federal Government
07:43 The Enormity of the Federal Budget
12:22 Analyzing the Federal Budget
13:45 Criteria for Evaluating Government Spending

16:39 Education and Student Aid
17:38 Agriculture and Farm Subsidies
18:39 Forest and Conservation
20:01 Employment and Training

23:51 Housing Programs and Community Planning
31:56 State vs Federal Government
42:11 The Inefficiency of Government Bureaucracy
48:07 The Role of State and Local Government

52:20 Comparing Government Services
54:10 Efficiency and Service in Dealing with the State
55:08 Texans’ Defense of Republican Leaders
56:07 Size and Influence of Texas

57:37 Republicans and Small Government
58:34 The Benefits of Smaller Scale
59:01 To Secede or Not to Secede
59:31 Monarchy as an Alternative

01:00:00 Costs of Monarchy


In this conversation, the hosts discuss the size and role of the federal government, specifically focusing on the federal budget and areas where spending could be reduced. They analyze various departments and programs, such as agriculture, education, housing, and employment and training, and debate whether these functions should be handled at the federal or state level.

The hosts also express their frustrations with government bureaucracy and question the effectiveness of both federal and state governments. Overall, they emphasize the need for smaller, more efficient government and the importance of individual states in governing their own affairs.

The conversation covers various topics related to government and governance in Texas. It explores the efficiency and service provided by the state, Texans’ defense of Republican leaders, the size and influence of Texas, the perception of Republicans and small government, the benefits of smaller scale, the idea of secession, and the concept of monarchy as an alternative.


  • Texans appreciate the efficiency and service provided by the state government.
  • There is a defense of Republican leaders in Texas, but some believe they are not truly advocates of small government.
  • The size and influence of Texas make it a unique entity within the United States.
  • The benefits of smaller scale governance are debated, with arguments for both efficiency and potential tyranny.
  • The idea of secession is discussed, with differing opinions on its feasibility and desirability.
  • The concept of monarchy is raised as an alternative to the current system of government.

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