Christmas Movie Parents—Who Deserves The Most Coal? | Ep 48

Parents in some of the most popular Christmas movies are not the best examples of good parenting. But which ones are really the worst? Michael, Scott and Kayla size them up and dole out the coal.


00:00 Introduction and Christmas Movie Parents
05:01 Trait: Disconnected
06:04 Trait: Self-centered
11:22 Trait: Emotional

18:56 Trait: Bad Example
26:18 Trait: Controlling
47:52 Discussion on Controlling Parents
48:49 Clark’s Control Over Christmas

49:39 Perception of Clark’s Control by His Children
50:05 Comparison of Clark and Home Alone Mom
50:32 Comparison of Christmas Story Dad and Home Alone Dad
50:59 Evaluation of Christmas Story Dad

51:22 Ranking of Parenting Skills
52:11 Ranking of Individual Parents
52:35 Evaluation of Christmas Story Parents
53:00 Evaluation of Laura’s Parenting

53:59 Evaluation of Christmas Story Mom
54:11Worst Hairstyle
56:06 Kids’ Futures


The hosts discuss various Christmas movie parents and evaluate their traits and behaviors. They analyze the characters from popular Christmas movies such as A Christmas Story, National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation, Home Alone, and The Santa Clause.

The hosts discuss traits such as being disconnected, self-centered, emotional, setting a bad example, and being controlling. They provide insights into each parent’s behavior and discuss whether they are good or bad examples for their children. The conversation delves into the theme of controlling parents, with a focus on Clark from ‘National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation’.

The hosts discuss Clark’s control over Christmas and how it affects his family. They compare Clark to other parents, such as the Home Alone mom and the dad from ‘A Christmas Story’. The evaluation of individual parents leads to the conclusion that the Christmas Story parents are the best.

The conversation also touches on the hairstyles of the moms in the movies and the future prospects of each kid.

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