Why not just got married? | Ep 49

The average age of first marriage is on the rise here in the good ol’ US of A. Meanwhile we have some “modern” ideas about adulthood, independence and happiness. While the pop psychologists try to crack the code, Michael, Cully and Russell shake it up with a radical new questions: Why not just get married and have a family?



00:00 Assorted Openers
03:00 The Decline of Traditional Values
11:00 The Changing Perception of Marriage
20:00 The Importance of Commitment and Accountability

30:00 The Shift towards Individualism
40:00 The Role of Religion and Responsibility
50:00 The Misconception of Freedom and Fulfillment
50:46 The Modern Pursuit of Pleasure

52:14 The Importance of the Family Unit
53:30 The Impact of Divorce and Single Parenthood
57:03 The Commitment and Sacrifice of Marriage
01:00:00 The Transition to Adulthood

01:01:21 Declining Birth Rates and Societal Consequences
01:04:38 The Concept of the Right Person
01:06:59 The Work and Fulfillment of a Successful Marriage
01:07:45 The Unawareness of Elites and Their Impact

01:09:18 The Importance of Faith, Family, and Freedom
01:09:48 Lessons from the Fall of the Roman Empire


The conversation explores the decline of traditional values and the changing perception of marriage in modern society. It highlights the importance of commitment, accountability, and the role of religion in maintaining strong family units.

The shift towards individualism and the misconception of freedom and fulfillment are also discussed. The influence of China and the need for a stronger focus on family and marriage are emphasized throughout the conversation. The conversation explores various themes related to relationships, marriage, and societal changes.

It discusses the pursuit of pleasure in modern society and the negative consequences of prioritizing physical pleasures. The importance of the family unit is emphasized, highlighting its role in society and individual success. The impact of divorce and single parenthood on individuals and society is also examined.

The commitment and sacrifice required in a successful marriage are discussed, along with the transition to adulthood and the changing definition of adulthood. The declining birth rates and their societal consequences are explored, as well as the concept of finding the right person in a relationship.

The conversation concludes with a discussion on the unawareness of elites and their impact, and the importance of faith, family, and freedom in society. Lessons from the fall of the Roman Empire are also touched upon.

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