POV: Are We Federal or State Citizens? | Ep 50

Saving the Dream #50 — On the heels of Episode 47 about Shrinking the Federal Budget—we got into this rather interesting bit with Glenn Hancock about what exactly it means to be a federal citizen or state citizen. Who knew?

This video features a discussion on the nuances of citizenship, particularly focusing on the differences between national and state citizenship, the interpretation of the 14th amendment, and the historical context of the Civil War. The speakers delve into the importance of understanding legal definitions, jurisdiction, and the powers of the federal government as outlined in the Constitution. They emphasize the need for thorough research and reliance on verified sources in legal matters.

Of note …

  • Understanding the difference between common language definitions and legal definitions is crucial for accurately interpreting the Constitution.
  • The federal government has no inherent jurisdiction within state boundaries unless explicitly granted by the state.
  • The Constitution outlines the federal government’s powers in 18 points, emphasizing a limited scope of authority.
  • State and federal laws operate separately, with the federal government handling cases involving states or international matters.
  • The term ‘United States’ can refer to different entities depending on the context, affecting the interpretation of jurisdiction and citizenship.
  • Judicial processes must stay within the jurisdiction of the court or judge issuing them; enforcement beyond those boundaries is unlawful.
  • The complexity and specific definitions within the tax code suggest an intention to adhere to the Constitution while potentially misleading citizens.
  • The deliberate complexity of legal language in documents like the tax code may obscure the true meaning and implications of laws.
  • The federal government’s authority to tax is constitutionally limited, with the tax code’s wording crafted to exploit public ignorance.
  • Research and verification of information are emphasized as critical steps in understanding legal matters and constitutional rights.

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