Don’t look now but we’re back (and there was much rejoicing)

After careful consideration we’ve decided to keep going. But as we say on the boat, we’re taking a different tack … setting sails and swabbing decks … something about a three hour tour … a parrot and a guy who can’t talk. Okay it’s not really about any of that. But it is about life in America. And there is in fact a crew of regulars ready to take on whatever we throw at them. And just for fun we asked ChatGPT what we should talk about on the show.


In Episode 37 of ‘Saving the Dream’, Michael announces the show’s return from a summer break, outlining a new format that will feature a regular rotating cast discussing various topics related to the American dream, immigration, rural vs. urban living, and other societal issues.


  • The show returns with a refreshed format, focusing on a regular cast rather than different guests, to discuss a wide range of topics.
  • Future episodes will explore themes such as immigration, the American dream, and the dichotomy between rural and urban living.
  • The speaker expresses concern that rural living and farming are under threat from globalism.
  • There is a growing trend among religious communities, especially Catholics, to escape modern life and build log cabins.
  • Education in America, including its challenges and innovative solutions, will be a topic of discussion, potentially featuring experts like Dr. Ty.
  • Healthcare access disparities and initiatives for improvement will be addressed, despite the absence of healthcare enthusiast Zippy Garcia.
  • Cultural diversity in America will be celebrated and examined with the help of guests like Dr. Toshki, Ration, and Delphina.
  • Economic disparities, including income inequality and poverty, will be broken down and discussed in detail.
  • The decline of visual arts, the impact of the gig economy and remote work, and the importance of sports and recreation are among the planned topics.
  • The show will emphasize the importance of volunteerism, philanthropy, political engagement, and the resilience of the human spirit.
  • The speaker reflects on the history of global concerns and the establishment of international organizations like the United Nations, World Bank, IMF, and WHO.
  • The show will focus on American issues, acknowledging the shift from national to global perspectives while emphasizing the importance of addressing domestic concerns.
  • The speaker highlights the need for open discussions about life in America and the balance between national interests and global considerations.

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SAVING THE DREAM is a fun unconventional podcast featuring unfiltered conversations about life in America. If you’re enjoying life in the echo chamber where people don’t really listen and think, then this one isn’t for you. But if you like real, honest exchanges about things that effect everyday life, then tune in here for a new episode each week. With Michael O’Sullivan and a varying slice of the Saving the Dream crew.

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