Immigration policy: What a mess we’ve made (and now the pressure is really on)

How should a country like ours manage the staggering flow of people who want to come here? With our usual balanced view and intelligent flair, the Saving the Dream crew tackles immigration policy. Why is it so difficult? Why is it so polarizing? Can it be fixed? And whose problem is it really?


00:00 Introduction and Setting the Stage
06:23 The Problem of Immigration
11:19 The Process and Challenges of Immigration
16:29 Different Types of Immigrants

20:19 Securing the Border
24:57 Federal vs State Responsibility
28:23 Root Causes and Solutions
33:00 US Involvement in Other Countries

38:46 Capitalist Solutions to Immigration
41:32 Humorous Suggestions


The conversation explores the topic of immigration in the United States, discussing the challenges, root causes, and potential solutions. The hosts touch on the need for a more efficient immigration process, the different types of immigrants, and the impact of border security.

They also discuss the role of the federal government versus the states in addressing immigration issues. The conversation concludes with a discussion on the potential for capitalist solutions and humorous suggestions for solving the immigration problem.


  • Immigration is a complex and controversial topic in America, with the current system struggling to process immigrants efficiently, leading to strains on public services.
  • The lack of a clear immigration process benefits smugglers and organized crime, exploiting those seeking a better life in the US.
  • The media doesn’t adequately addressing the concerns surrounding immigration, which is expected to become more politicized as elections approach.
  • There is a need for a nuanced approach to immigration that considers individual circumstances and alternative solutions, such as suitable destinations for refugees.
  • Border security is essential, but there is debate on how to secure the vast US border without relying solely on technology and addressing issues like eminent domain.
  • Immigration solutions should be more state-level oriented, allowing border states to operate within a federal framework but with some autonomy.
  • Bureaucracy and slow processing are major issues in immigration, and there’s a proposal to limit the number of people entering based on the system’s capacity.
  • Factors such as oppressive regimes and climate change are driving increased immigration from Latin America to the US.
  • US foreign policy, including sanctions and international meddling, is seen as contributing to immigration challenges.
  • The lack of education and persuasion in the US contributes to support for leaders promising free resources and wealth distribution.
  • Creating trade-free zones and inviting people to work in US businesses is suggested as a potential solution to the immigration issue.
  • Influential figures like Jeff Bezos, Bill Gates, and Elon Musk could play a role in developing innovative solutions to immigration.
  • A humorous suggestion to create a territory or use an unused country to address immigration, akin to a modern-day Colosseum competition.

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