Humans are obsessed with saving the planet and no sacrifice is too great (right?)

Michael and Kayla start with solar radiation management and consider why we are so obsessed with the future of humanity. Is it a moral obligation? Or is there another objective afoot?


00:00 Introduction and Nerd Friends with COVID
00:43 The Idea of Engineering the Sky
01:26 Global Warming and Altering the Stratosphere
02:24 Geoengineering and the Role of Geologists

03:20 Chemtrails and the Debate on Geoengineering
04:18 The Controversy and Potential Effects of Geoengineering
06:11 The Historical Perspective on Climate Change
07:06 Preserving the Future of Human Civilization

08:39 The Value of Sacrifice and Concern for the Future
09:59 The Elitist Perspective on Saving the Planet
10:26 Consumerism and Global Warming
11:25 The Disconnect Between Intentions and Actions

12:39 The Progress of Human Civilization and its Consequences
13:20 The Debate on the Importance of Preserving Humanity
14:15 The Fascination with Elon Musk and Multi-Planetary Species
15:12 The Desire for a Longer Life and the Value of Death

16:09 The Balance Between Future Generations and the Present
18:19 The Desire for Control and the Shift in Global Power
20:25 The New Forms of Control and Global Influence
23:11 The Compulsion to Prioritize Future Humans

24:40 The Alternative Approach: Live Your Best Life Now
25:50 The Personal Comfort vs. Sacrifice Dilemma
28:13 The Fear of Death and Maximizing Time on Earth
29:51 The Impact of External Agents on Health

31:01 The Influence of Industry and Special Interests
32:47 The Desire for a Longer Life and Thoughts on Death
33:12 Conclusion and Song


The conversation explores the topic of geoengineering and its potential impact on climate change. The hosts discuss the idea of engineering the sky to combat global warming and the controversy surrounding this approach. They also delve into the balance between preserving the future of humanity and living in the present, questioning the obsession with sacrificing for future generations. The conversation touches on the desire for control and the shift in global power, as well as the influence of industry and special interests on public perception. The hosts conclude with a reflection on the value of life and thoughts on death.


  • Geoengineering is a controversial approach to combatting climate change by altering the stratosphere to block incoming sunlight.
  • There is a growing concern for preserving the future of humanity, even if it means sacrificing present comforts and resources.
  • The desire for control and power has shifted from conquering to global influence and the promotion of certain agendas.
  • The impact of external agents, such as chemicals in food and the environment, may contribute to health problems.
  • The conversation raises questions about the balance between living in the present and prioritizing the future.

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